30-Day Cold Shower Challenge: Day 30

SO IT’S FINALLY THE END. (I was supposed to write this post like 3 days ago but whatever. HAHAHA.

I feel so relieved to finally be able to take a hot/warm shower again. My summary of the benefits include basically skin and hair. Although if you have oily skin like me, you probably won’t see too much improvement as you need the heat to open your pores 😦

But definitely recommend anyone to try this once. Especially if you’re feeling conscious about your own hair growth. My hair grew faster as well as felt healthier, stronger and regrew in dead spots. It was quite an interesting observation and although you have nothing to go on but just my word, it definitely is good for your hair. 😉 Try it for a week! It’ll feel horrible but your head will thank you 🙂

On another note, my first hot/warm shower after this challenge had finished. Omg. It was too hot! My girlfriend had told me that it wasn’t hot at all but to me it was like burning. :(. #sideeffects. It also feels very strange to not be showering in cold water, having that stress of having to take another cold shower and shivering in the shower HAHAHA. I actually had to shower in cold water for about 10 seconds to just feel relieved at the end. 😛

All in all. Try it out. It’s worth the experience. 🙂


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