30-day Cold Shower Challenge – Day 8

So it’s been 1 week already and I don’t really know if I can totally feel the difference. One thing is for sure though, I am no longer terrified of the water and in fact I am starting to look forward to my cold showers. A bit weird right?

A benefit I definitely do notice though is my hair. It has become noticeably more smooth and soft and no longer feels and looks so dry. It feels like how it used to when I was like 10! It’s pretty cool!

I have also noticed that when I take them in the morning, it’s like a rude awakening with all the adrenaline and big change in temperature. But at night, after the adrenaline rush is gone, you just get so tired. It’s so easy to just fall asleep. My sleep schedule is actually fixing itself with these cold showers over the past week!


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