Working at Accenture

Where do I begin?

I just finished my orientation week at Accenture and have been lucky enough to be given a client straight away! The orientation was so full-on, the amount of information we had to process in the first two days was immense. However, I have also heard that it used to be so much longer than just 1 week for orientation and I am very glad that it is no longer like that.

The people are so nice at Accenture, I cannot believe that I am so lucky to have joined a company filled with so many wonderful people. The company culture is amazing and promotes a lot of self-reflection and learning. So if you don’t like aiming high or learning new things, then this isn’t the company for you. The way you run things and the amount of support you get from your peers and seniors is incredible. I have never felt so welcomed despite the overwhelming pressure of being a consulting firm.

It has only been a week but I have learned so much about not only the company and my new colleagues but also myself. The amount of self-reflection they impose on you and advise you to do can feel a bit confronting but it definitely is worth it. Accenture also promotes focusing and building your strengths to become an excelling person in your area, rather than focusing on your weak areas to prevent failure. Which I believe is a fantastic mindset and what every company should be doing anyway.

Anyway, here is my self-promotion for Accenture. I definitely recommend applying and trying out for Accenture Boot Camp or Accenture Adventure or just joining Accenture in general. The process might be lengthy and bothersome but it is definitely worth it. I am extremely glad I have joined this company and I couldn’t be more stoked to work with such a fantastic bunch of people.

Oh and btw, I am apart of Accenture Technology. Tech for the win!



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