30-day Cold Shower Challenge – Day 1

It’s been awhile since I have posted, but I believe there has not been anything significantly crazy in my life until recently so I will start again!

I have been trying to plan ways to improve my health and well-being as well as trying new things that could be life changing. Here is a potentially stupid challenge that I will start, where for an entire month I will shower only with cold water. Since I shower in the morning and before bed, this will be doubly as annoying and terrifying. I shower in the morning to wake myself up and to feel fresh for the day ahead and before bed to wash away any nasties and impurities that could be felt during the day, especially on days with which I gym.


Woke up this morning all dead and tired, exhausted from the lack of sleep and exhaustion I have been accumulating from poor sleeping habits (sleeping at 3am is not fun when you get up at 7am) as well as starting full-time at my new job.

I was dreading taking this challenge, although the night before I made the resolution to do so just before bed. However, I am the kind of person to follow my initial instincts as it usually results in the best outcome – also another incentive would be that if I didn’t start it would never happen at all!

As expected it was AWFUL! I don’t think I have ever been so traumatised by a shower in my life. The morning itself was cold already and the addition of what felt like a < 10 degree Celsius shower did not help. You know the feeling where you’re getting hit by a brick, but it’s like a shower of bricks – that are extremely cold. Basically hail. Felt like hail.

Although, after finishing the shower I definitely felt the effects straight away. I had the biggest adrenaline rush ever and I was more awake than I had ever been in the morning. It was ridiculous. You know how kids are always running around in circles driving you crazy, well it was like that but the adult version. It felt great to not be so tired in the morning. I actually could make it to the kitchen without wanting to go back to bed.

Anyway, skipping past all the daily activities it was time for my night shower and just like in the morning, the temperature had dropped. Goodness gracious. I did however notice that if you definitely shower a lot faster but by no means less clean. If anything I feel much cleaner than I would after a hot steamy shower. So if you want to spend less money on that water bill, you know what to do!


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