Hitting that field

So I’m starting to delve deeper into my field, e-commerce, and I’ve come across a variety of opinions on what to use nowadays for a web application. Traditionally, most web applications are written in PHP or ASP.NET, but now we are slowly moving towards things like node.js, react.js and the like.

Helping my uncle build his website while working casual at his business. You can find his websites here: retailing and wholesale. I am building a partial e-commerce platform onto the wholesale website as per my uncles design criteria. Obviously I will suggest improvements whilst proposing scenarios and such to better understand the design.

Although both websites are practically the same right now, my uncle is very persistent on having both websites. One which allows users to purchase directly from the online-store and one for large shipments, wholesaling and allowing for more variety in ceramics. Personally, I would integrate the two together and just create 3-level accounts, admin, wholesaler and public (these would obviously be named differently probably). Each with different access to the options available to them. I will suggest it, but leave it for the future.

I am currently in the phase of deciding what to use for my server host, as we already have the domains and am hesitant about going to php or ASP.NET although they are reliable since they are slowly deprecating. So far, I’m interested in using express.js with node.js and I like it. However, given a different circumstance, I might go for hapi.js but who knows. Another surprise for another day.


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