Travelling to the Stars ☆!

Today, an eventful day. Started with an EY personality test, which resulted in moving to the next stage of tests, which was good news and a great start to the day.

Being over-stressed lately, I’ve really needed to just start gymming and get myself together. I signed up today, and it was great did a one hour workout. I can’t reach anywhere close to my PB’s for weights and I’m no longer used to the weights so everything feels a lot heavier and more pressing than I remember it to be. Time to train up again. It will be fun 🙂

Did a bit of squats, bench press, shoulder press and a few dumb bells here and there. I will start a proper routine soon. I want to reach 100kg squats, 60kg bench press, 50kg shoulder press, 100kg deadlift, 60kg barbell row which are all JUST under my PB’s for weights back last year. (I know it’s not that much but don’t judge me, I’m innocent!)

University was fun after that, went for my first time to the Algorithms lecture. The lecturer is Russian, so it’s quite entertaining and worth the travel and dedication to go to uni for it. I also am considering changing to Ext. Algos just for the credits and higher scaling. I can handle the workload, and some spots should be free for Ext. so I should be able to just swap with ease.

The best part – Harvest Buffet, The Star, Pyrmont. It was definitely a fun buffet, went for my friends birthday event. It was actually discounted today for whatever reason that I didn’t quite catch from the counter-lady, from 49.95 -> 33.90 or something similar. The food was edible, but the prawns, definitely the most worth. Seafood = $$$ and I hate quite a few prawns, at least an entire plate! I’d recommend it every once in awhile, but probably not high enough standards to eat consistently there. The desserts however, are not too bad, pretty good 🙂 I also got to have my daily fruit and veg, so I’m quite content with this dinner event!


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